1. Either they are hiding or you have something that eats the babies ?
    Fish or filter?

    Or no food? Even though at 20 gal there has to be something.

    As others said, strips to check your water params.

    How often do you do water changes? Do you see molts and zooming after the water change / molts?

    (Btw the less I hover over them the more they multiply…. A helicoptershrimpent has the opposite effect)

  2. If you have to add Cuttlefish bone, what is your KH and GH, might do better with Salty Shrimp or Shrimp King Minerals perhaps?

    But it’s just math, multiple females with a male or two result in an explosion as you get a dozen or two from each berried female.

  3. I don’t use a heater, I feed fresh fruit/veggies from what ever I’m eating, Mineral junkie, Bacter AE, dead skin/scabs. Just good food, and the water had to be hard enough. I have soo many shrimp

  4. Well, when one shrimp loves another…

    Seriously though I bought 6 and now have 50+ regularly. I don’t feed anything special like veggies, just some shrimp pellets once a week and they live off whatever is in the tank. They love rocks and plants, water temp is around 75 – 78.

  5. It should take about 3-5 months for a full mating cycle, be patient, as long as you have at least one male and one female, more will come.

  6. See in my experience most people wanna house shrimp in a newly cycled tank…and yes it’s possible and they can thrive but it’s always better to put them in an established tank. They have plenty of food that way and as long as they have some cover they will multiply

  7. 20 gallons is extremely large to only start with ~10 shrimp. It makes it harder for the males to find the females after they molt.

    Also remove any fish in the tank, which probably scares them into hiding, and picks off the smallest shrimp.

  8. I bought 70 and they arrived gregnant.

  9. What’s the temperature in your tank? They will breed more at higher temperatures.

  10. Hard water, lots of hiding plants, no fish to eat babies, lots of biofilm.

  11. Any other creatures at all would possibly stress the shrimps enough to not breed. I’ve see them drop their eggs even

    Had a shrimp tank with a single molly baby that’s the same size as them. Didnt see any babies for a few months until one day i moved the fish. Boom, overcrowded tank

  12. Considering it’s LA, i’m guessing the water is hard enough. Could be too hard for shrimp actually. Anyone know where the cut off is regarding hardness (shell too hard to molt) for shrimp?

  13. Easy, i bought some from the pet store, gave them a proper tank, fed them right, and they started breeding on their own, now I have multiple big colonies,

  14. I have a walstad shrimp bowl and within the first month out of the 15 shrimp I had 6 of the females were berried and it’s like a 3 gal bowl💀💀💀 I just fed them like 2-3 times a week and never did water changes just topped it off

  15. Honestly, make sure there is leftover fish food and supplementing their diet with minerals did it for me. Also lots of plants. Ive even got a dwarf gourami and the population keeps exploding.

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