How can I scape this 10 gallon? (future shrimp tank)

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  1. Black paper background, more plants, and add some height to the hardscape

  2. I would add more hard scape and if you want to get the most bang for your buck order plant packs from Aqua Motiv Here’s a link to one of the packs I bought I got a beautiful piece of spider wood that’s Zoo med brand from Amazon for less than $15 Zoo Med Spider Wood, Medium, Perfect for Aquariums and Terrariums (690855)
    They also have great prices on Zoo Med Mopani wood. You have to kind of shop through the places that sale Zoo med but I bought a Large piece and it’s TOO Large for $13. I got a medium piece and it’s perfect you can get dragon stone at Home Depit and Lowe’s for cheap. Don’t look for dragon stone look for what they sale as brown rock it’s dragon stone. Got that idea from KG Tropicals. I also comb my local creek for rocks and just boil the heck out of them.

  3. Cholla wood and dragon/ohko stone is great for shrimp because they can hide in the holes, and it’s easy to attach plants like ferns,moss, anubias, and subwassertang.

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