1. Ammonia: 0, Nitrites: 0, Nitrates: 0 (Lots and lots of plants, little
    bioload), Ph: 7.8, Gh: 9, Kh: 7, TDS: 187, Temp: 72, these stay
    relatively consistent. Is this behavior normal, or indicative of a
    problem? I was thinking either an oxygen problem or an ammonia poisoning
    problem, but there are two high-power sponge filters causing a ton of
    water movement, and the tank is cycled and ammonia/nitrite/nitrate is
    consistently zero. What’s goin’ on?

  2. If they’re hanging around the bubblers, it’s an oxygen issue. You need more microbubbles in the aquarium. I use a HOB with my ghosts and it puts out an absolute ton of microbubbles. Good for the babies too

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