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freshwater shrimp have grow to be more and more well-liked as algae eaters, common scavengers and for a lot of aquarists, attention-grabbing additions to desktop “nano” aquariums and pure planted biotopes. From the essential ghost shrimp (Palaemonetes paludosus), usually offered as feeder shrimp, to the well-known Amano or algae-eating shrimp (Caridinia multidentata), to the favored purple cherry shrimp (Neocaridinia heteropoda), to crystal and bee shrimp (Caridinia cantonensis), to the filter-feeding bamboo shrimp (Atyopsis moluccensis), the checklist of shrimp for aquarists to think about continues to develop. No matter one’s finances or expertise degree, dwarf freshwater shrimp provide one thing distinctive and really completely different for aquarists with small to medium-sized aquariums.

Pure Habitat

Most freshwater shrimp stored by aquarists have their origins in japanese Asia, except for ghost shrimp that are native to the southern United States. Amano shrimp are native to Japan and Taiwan, the place they’re nonetheless collected at this time. Purple cherry shrimp are thought to have originated in Taiwan, whereas the unique wild types of tiger and bee shrimp hint their sources to Hong Kong and the New Territories, in addition to mainland China. Malaya is one other supply for sure Caridinia species. Bamboo shrimp are discovered all through Southeast Asia. In recent times, the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia has produced some really spectacular freshwater shrimp.

Water Necessities

Water necessities for dwarf freshwater shrimp range relying on species, though ammonia and nitrites ought to all the time be undetectable and nitrates must be under 10 ppm. Ghost shrimp, together with Amano and bamboo shrimp will not be explicit about pH or alkalinity so long as extremes are prevented, and will be stored in dechlorinated faucet water. The identical will be mentioned for purple cherry shrimp.

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