What’s my shrimp’s rostrum? Fungus?

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  1. Did you order them online? If so from who?

  2. Parasite, salt dip, see pinned/sidebar post under Disease or websearch salt dip ratio, before I had marine salt, I used Kosher salt, just be sure to *not* use table salt or any salt with additives/metals.

  3. If ur in Canada u/Pufferfishpussy is looking for fungal parasites

  4. You might be asking about green feathery growth under a shrimp, likely Cladogonium ogishimae, a treatable parasitic algae, [see here for ID/treatment.](https://aquariumbreeder.com/ellobiopsidae-or-cladogonium-ogishimae-green-fungus-in-shrimp-tank/)

    For future reference, the link is also listed in our pinned/sidebar post under Disease. (In past years we saw more Ellobiopsidae which was reasonably untreatable, unlike Clado.)

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