1. that is a scud I think which can harm shrimp

  2. Definitely a scud, they’re generally beneficial to tanks and can be a sign of a balanced ecosystem but they can quickly over populate. Most people say they’re harmless, but they will definitely outcompete shrimp for resources and I have seen them latch onto the legs of adult shrimp (I can’t say for sure if it was an attack). Many people just use them as fish food, but I would just get rid of this one.

  3. Video attached.

    The other day, this little guy hitched a ride on my lucky bamboo I bought from Petco.

    He looks like a kind of shrimp(?) but I have no idea what kind. I’ve bred hundreds of Blue Velvet Shrimp and Red Cherry Shrimp and this guy doesn’t look like them nor does he act like them. Does anyone know what he is?

  4. That is not a shrimp! What the heck is that

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