1. Flatworm. Not an issue.

  2. Not planaria, no arrow shaped head. Looks like rhabdocoela, not harmful to shrimp.

  3. It’s the thing from slither.io

  4. Rhabdolocea, they are useless at tank life and will disappear on their own usually, if feeding is kept appropriate.

  5. Rhabdo

  6. My shrimp bowl has detritus worms, which I understand are harmless to my shrimp. I try to catch them when things are quiet and they are clumping on the substrate, just sucking them out with a baby-snot bulb & some tubing. Seems to be keeping them in control, and the water parameters are always perfect.

  7. oh i have these too, been wondering what they are

  8. How much magnification are you using? Doesn’t look like planaria because it doesn’t have the pointed head and derpy eyes. I’d probably lean toward it’s just part of the ecosystem and harmless.

  9. People saying its not Planaria COULD be wrong . There is a lot a diferent species of planaria . Some of Them do not have the arrow head .

  10. Rhabdocoela……got a pretty decent amount myself and are great food for my betta. They eat detritus and are an imp part of the ecosystem!! As there’s no predator for it in a shrimp tank, feed your shrimps only as much as needed and not excessively.
    Or you’ll have to deal with a population explosion.

  11. I think this is what I saw in my tank last night, I freaked out and ordered No Planaria

  12. Could be snail leech, maybe planaria but it doesn’t have the spade shaped head. Hopefully others will know more!

  13. Not dangerous.

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