What am I lacking? New shrimp all gathered at tank floor

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  1. maybe more oxygen?

  2. Your tank isn’t cycled if you’re having nitrite spikes.

  3. It’s the nitrite spike. Nitrite “suffocates” the tank inhabitants by preventing them from absorbing O2 so to live, the inhabitants go to the surface for air.

    The tank has not been cycled properly (and is not mature enough yet for shrimp, btw).

  4. More algae and other biofilms formed closer to the light.

    Or they’re trying to avoid bad water conditions.

  5. Is it warm? Most shrimp tanks generally are okey room temperature

  6. Likely needs more oxygen 🙂

  7. Seems like that filter isnt causing the water to break, you need to be seeing bubbles, this means the water is oxygenated

  8. Definitely an oxygen issue like others have pointed out, but I’d also keep a close eye on that PH. You might want to raise it slightly. A little crushed coral in the tank can go a long way.

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