Virtually killed off all my shrimp assist wanted!

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  1. Most plants you get from a store will have pesticides. Anyways quarantine your plants in a tank without invertebrates. You’ll want to run carbon in your filter for at least a week, but it may take a month to fully remove all pesticide traces.

  2. Run a hob filter with activated carbon in it for a bit. This helps pull any of the chemicals from your water column.

  3. Update: unfortunately I ended up losing all of them in the quarantine bucket. I checked on them and they were swimming and behaving rather normally and when I returned an hour later all but 1 were dead. It passed as well shortly after. 🙁

  4. I am sorry you lost them – This happened to me too. After purchasing a surprise pack (from a reputable place that I buy from all the time) I saw the original listing (Elodea) stating about this particular plant being imported/sprayed and warning ‘unsafe for invertebrates’ pesticides may be used. They suggested that rinsing in warm water would get rid of the poison.

    I rinse the plant and left them in a bucket for a week and changed the water twice. When I planted them in – the next morning (12 hours later) my whole colony was dead. All the babies had turned inside out – some of the adults (neo and Amano) were twitching still so I saved all I could.

    The biggest amano was resurrected within an hour and the other two later that day. The neos stayed dead/died that day except four big ones.

    I did a massive water change and threw all the Elodea away.

    Don’t believe the rinsing will do anything. I wish I had just thrown the whole thing in the bin at the start.

  5. That’s so weird.
    I’ve never had an issue with any plants having pesticides on them.
    But the store I work at also gets plants from a place that grows them immersed already.

    I’m so sorry this happened to you. I’m glad it seems you’ve saved your shrimp!

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