Ten gallon paludarium with crystal shrimp and a Nemo koi betta. I do know that something beneath an Olympic measurement pool is…

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  1. 10 gallon is prefect for a Betta, this isn’t a paladarium though, I believe it’s called a riparium.

  2. Are those orchids??? You can add orchids to an aquarium???

  3. So beautiful! How did you secure so many plants? And what is the beautiful pink one in the middle?

  4. I personally feel getting called out on my dream on making a nano fish tank in extremely large tanks just to see that schooling behavior specifically in fish species that live in very large (relative to their body) spaces.

    On the other hand, there were some anecdotes that tanks that are too big for the betta *might* be even detrimental for them. Being that these guys are pretty much built different (literally) from most fishes. Shallow and densely planted. Some of them probably rather fond on using these plants as some sort of makeshift hammock.

    You got any fertilizers there other than the ones from the substrate? I don’t think a single beta poop and a crystal shrimp would be able to maintain that kind of plant mass.

  5. Betta love to be hugged by plants. Seems pretty happy place to be.

  6. Nitrates: 0

  7. Beautiful tank. How difficult is tank maintenance? Does the top come off with all the plants attached or do you have another way?

  8. Have you considered adding more plants to grow emersed from the top? So much unused real estate😂

  9. Beautiful! and Spot is so pretty

  10. Where are the chrystals? Only can spot cherry’s?

  11. Wow the plants are crazy!

  12. Do you mind sharing the names of the half submerged plants?

  13. Omg I absolutely love this tank 😍😍😍

  14. Gorgeous!! Good job!

  15. Beautiful tank

  16. Why does everyone want shrimp with bettas when there’s a million fish that work with shrimp

  17. this is gorgeous!

  18. I don’t know what is more spectacular, that gorgeous set up or the colours of the betta!

  19. Your tanks stunning

  20. I could gaze in that all day long!

    Looks mighty fine:)

  21. [The shrimp don’t seem to mind the new neighbor. ](https://i.imgur.com/5JhXO9L.jpg)

    [He definitely enjoys cruising through and resting on the roots. ](https://i.imgur.com/6WPFAZq.jpg)

  22. What makes this a palidariun and not a heavily planted tank? I see no land features.

  23. So impressive! I really want to do this! You did an amazing job.

  24. Looks great, plants nice and healthy. Love your plant choices and the experimental way you went about it. I do a similar thing where I throw all plant cuttings on the edge of a fish tank. Though, I keep a bunch of underwater plants too so I keep the emersed plants to the edges of the tank so as not to block too much light and so it doesn’t look as lush as yours!

  25. I love this! Great inspiration, than you!

  26. The orchid brought me great joy!

    All in all al lovely setup. 🙂

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