Tank is leaking!!! what do I accomplish that my shrimp don’t die?

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  1. I would remove them to a temporary container and drain this tank, keeping the filter media and substrate wet to preserve as much beneficial bacteria as possible. Buy a new tank and switch everything over.

  2. Do you have a spare tank? If not, you can use a large bucket or rubbermaid container to temporarily hold the shrimp. I’m assuming you have a sponge filter since it’s a shrimp tank? Transfer your filter to the bucket, along with some substrate and decorations to seed the new container with nitrifying bacteria. Fill it with water from the current tank and transfer the shrimp carefully. Also, try to use a container that hasn’t been cleaned with cleaners or solvents of any kind. Transfer over as many plants as you can as well. Good luck.

  3. Just move it all over…if you use the same everything, your cycle won’t crash. Actually, chances are that it will be a boost to your tank because you will stir the substrate in the process and the new filter media will collect a lot of the junk that will be floating. Then, you can do a water change when the debris settles and vacuum the stuff that didn’t get filtered out…rinse your filter media when you do the water change.

    As for 10gallon tanks, they are all cheap. Go to a big box store and grab an aqueon or marineland or whatever the cheap known brand is that is offered. If you really want to save a couple bucks on the tank, ask at the local fish stores to buy an old one of theirs, but you won’t save much…a 10 gallon is 20-30 USD

  4. make sure its not just your HOB filter overflowing

  5. Buy a new tank fast?

  6. What size tank? Have a spare tank?

  7. Maybe 1 of your cables is leaking out the water of the aquarium idk how to explain it but i had the same

  8. the real question is: what to do so It doesn’t form an Ocean on the floor

  9. What I did is went to petco bought a new tank put fish/animals in bucket with old tank water. Emptied old tank moved media over fill new tank run filters add fish!

  10. Consider reseal your tank

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