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The suckermouth catfish is what most individuals consider once they describe an “algae eater”. However, there are over 680 sorts of sucker fish all over the world. Just a few of those sorts can be found within the aquarium commerce.
The Fish Room
I’m going to deal with the Hypostomus plecostomus. This is likely one of the commonest suckermouth catfish within the aquarium trade.
Suckermouths make good additions to freshwater tanks, however they’re not simple to deal with. Most individuals get them hoping they’ll clear the algae, however typically, they create extra of a large number than they clear up.
What Is The Suckermouth Catfish?
When most individuals say they’re in search of an ‘algae eater’, they’re in search of a plecostomus, or ‘pleco’.
They Have Specialised Mouthparts
These fish cling onto the edges of glass tanks and decorations with their mouths. Their mouth types a form of suction on the article, attaching the fish in place. That is the place they get the title “suckermouth”.
These specialised mouthparts are raspy. They’re designed to grind up plant materials like algae.
CABI describes them as having “our bodies which are depressed and lined in versatile bony plates. They’ve a ventral mouth with modified lips (referred to as a ‘suckermouth’) with papillae (small projections) on the lips, and in some taxa, barbels. The modified mouth permits the fish to feed, breathe, and connect to the substrate via suction.”
They Have Bony Plates, Not Scales
Quite than scales, they’ve laborious, bony plates protecting their our bodies. These inflexible scales make the fish seem spiky, and so they provide additional safety.
Plecos have giant fins that span out to the edges of their our bodies. They’ve a big, inflexible dorsal fin manufactured from spines that supply safety. These spines are additionally discovered on the tail, pectoral, and pelvic fins.
Their eyes sit on the high of their head and are tiny in comparison with the remainder of their physique.
Suckermouth catfish are darkish brown, virtually black. Many have darkish, or mild spots and stripes down their our bodies. These markings create a net-like sample.
They Grow to be Huge
The Hypostomus plecostomus is most frequently offered as a child when it’s solely about 3 in (7.6 cm) lengthy. Many individuals don’t understand that they’ll develop as much as 2 ft (0.6 m) in size. Nonetheless, the typical full-size size is about 15 in (38.1 cm).
They Reside A Lengthy Time
In the correct situations, a typical pleco’s common lifespan is between 10-15 years. So, not solely do they develop giant, however they’re a longtime dedication, too.Widespread Names: Suckermouth catfish, pleco, algae eater, frequent pleco Scientific Title: Hypostomus plecostomus Origin: South America — Brazil, Trinidad, Tobago, & the Guianas Suckermouth Catfish Measurement (Size): 3 in – 2 ft (7.6 cm – 0.6 m)Aquarium Measurement: 125+Temperament: Peaceable Ease of Care: Average

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