1. Idk why can’t you? I can see snails but the videos too blurry for me to make out anything else. Is the tank cycled?

  2. You can’t add shrimp until it’s fully cycled because they are very sensitive to ammonia and nitrite levels, if you have to do big water changes to control that then it will trigger the shrimp to moult, which if its to early for them will often kill them if the ammonia already hasn’t.

    Do a few Google searches on shrimp care, they have some finicky requirements but are great little things, have armanos, fire red and blue dream neocardina in all my tanks and love them.

  3. Just for context… I am a beginner…
    Planted many plants…
    It’s a tank in cycle, so no fishes or shrimps…

    There is brown algae… due for a water change and algae removal tommorow….

    Today I see dots… I take a closer look and it moves…. while watching that… a thin hair like substance starts twitching behind it…

    Ate these harmful? If these can grow, why can’t shrimps?

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