1. Assassin snails will not kill shrimp. They move at snail speed

  2. Stop panicking.

    Less food.

    Proper tank management to limit algaes.

  3. It means you’re definetly overfeeding, less food and a few assasin snails will help you a lot to maintain the population so it won’t be a pest, they are good for the ecosystem as when there is too much food, they will clean it. The assasin snails won’t be an issue for your shrimp population at all. Or get a pea puffer tank and you have a good use for the snails 🤷‍♂️ also if you want to trap them, just use shrimp pellets in the trap or in a feeding dish and remove it 1 or 2 hours later
    Edit: if your tank is big enough and you have good hiding spots for the little shrimp, you could add something like an endler guppy and it will eat all the smaller snails on the windows so the population won’t ‘boom’ as much

  4. I squish em on the side of the tank. My skrimps devour them. Not too many at once though.

  5. Ugh… this is dark, but planaria meds usually kill snails. Be prepared for a LOT of corpse plucking and water changes because killing that many animals will do bad things to your water.

  6. I say just keep pulling them out each week and feeding less (or differently).

    Is the tank about 6 months old and going through it’s ‘snail phase’ along with algae blooms and such ugliness?

    My tanks start as stupid babies, then awkward pimply teenagers, eventually growing up into well-adjusted functioning members of society.

  7. get yourself some ghost shrimp. once you have them in your tank, take a little plastic mallet and smash the snails. the ghost shrimp will get a taste for them and then they will eradicate the population. I went from hundreds and hundreds of these to almost having to look for them by adding five Ghost shrimp. I will add that they have bred several times in there and there are Bunches of young ghost shrimp now. the ghost shrimp will actually hunt them and eat them live

  8. Sounds like you’re already doing everything you can 😭

  9. I had to wait a month. But the population of snails went down dramatically. Kinda sad since I liked some of them. I even have one of their shells which grew to a 1/4 inch!

    They probably cleaned u all the algae and then starved. Only a few remain in which balance is maintained by not overfeeding

  10. Hire some assassins.

  11. Fixing this will take a multi-pronged strategy:

    1. Feed less. Snails will keep reproducing as long as there’s adequate food available. They tend to explode in population when a tank is being over-fed. A shrimp tank can do just fine only being fed once every three days or so, and only a small amount. They may slow down breeding a little but otherwise will be totally okay.

    2. Tackle any algae problems you may have. Snails eat algae so even if you cut back on food, this is still a nutrition source that needs to be eliminated. I’d be happy to give advice on the particular types of algae you have if you’re unsure how to go about that! I see some green dust algae on the glass but I’m unsure what else you’re dealing with.

    3. Frequent manual removal. This is unpleasant (at least it is to me), but effective and simple. Spend 5 or 10 minutes every day just taking snails out of the tank. You can sell them to local hobbyists to feed their puffer fish if that’s your jam but I just put mine between two layers of paper towels and crush them quickly. That way they don’t slowly dry out and suffer; they die as instantly as possible. Every snail you take out is a snail that can’t make more snails. If you’re enjoying watching your shrimp and happen to see a snail or two near the water line, take them out and crush them. Every snail counts.

  12. I had to wait a month. But the population of snails went down dramatically. Kinda sad since I liked some of them. I even have one of their shells which grew to a 1/4 inch!

    They probably cleaned u all the algae and then starved. Only a few remain in which balance is maintained by not overfeeding

  13. They are such good cleaners. Mine keep getting eaten so fortunately I don’t have very many. I did clean off eggs when I first noticed them. That might help a bit.

  14. Set up a second tank with a pea puffer and treat those snails as food for it.

  15. I read the title and watched for a solid 5 seconds waiting for that snail to suddenly explode….

  16. Same thing here! Cut back on feeding. They will then die off and you will see a huge difference.

  17. How old is your tank? Bladder snails are very beneficial as a clean up crew. Think of how rabbits will breed until all the resources are gone, these guys are the same. Stop smashing them because it just allows younger snails (who need less nutrients) to survive, inflating your population. Long term, slow down feedings and their population will level out.

  18. overfeeding

  19. This video is so cute! Mommy snail and baby snail

  20. Just keep squishing them lol

    My local fish store rents out Pea Puffers to bladder snail infested tanks. Didn’t figure that out until after we went to war.

  21. manually pick some out a day. i personally dont mind having a few but I don’t want a snail tank with some shrimp,Id prefer my shrimp tank with a few snails

  22. Didnt see any one of the exploding..

  23. Puffers will help the problem

  24. Send them to me…

  25. I had this happen with MTS in my shrimp tank. I also have Pygmy cories in there so I can’t starve them. It’s heavily planted, so the snails will eat that.

  26. Get an 8 inch clown loach in that bad boy, know what i’m saying?

  27. Just manually remove them and cull the population.

  28. Get an assassin snail

  29. Check your plants, I had the same issue with the same snails and found a nest on my stem plant. I just removed the part of the stem and replanted it because stem plants are awesome

  30. I put assassin snails in my shrimp tank and the assassin killed all the bladder snails and died when none were left. I would highly recommend

    Edit: Assassin snails kill shrimp so rarely that you should not be concerned about it.

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