1. Yeah so the mucus or whatever adheres them can fail, especially for first time mommas, just like first time chickens which lay eggs with two yolks, or no calcium in the shell, or other wonkiness, until their system sorts itself out.

    The good news is if they aren’t eaten, the eggs will hatch from wherever they are! The final eggs may remain with her or also fall off (more likely the latter). They don’t need to be tumbled like fish that carry eggs in their mouths nor do they need flow (can actually impede survival as they hatch hungry without fully developed swimming parts).

    There’s nothing to do, I used to (years ago) ask folks what pH their water was if that related, but nope, all over the place.

  2. Well fry “hatch” at different times. The fry’s growth rate basically decides when to gtfo and unfurl from a healthy mom.

    It actually may be a good sign she held on to the eggs that are left. She looks thicc in the first pic anyway. Did you see the lil shrimp eyes?

    Edit: I saw a video of a single shrimp leaving a momma. Got an early start on life. Largely explains why there may be size difference among the fry/juvenile stages

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