1. What the other person said, neon tetras are very sensitive and are likely to die quickly. I used ghost shrimp on mine for “testing” and yet they’re still thriving in my tank.

    What kind of shrimp are you wanting to get plus im seeing some king of gravel/pebble substrate?

    If you’re wanting to keep cardinias or something else than cherry shrimp i would recommend getting a reputable brand for nutrients such as salty shrimp. I’m not really sure if the api brand works really well for shrimp, plus a TDS meter and a source of RO water for more sensitive shrimp. But all of this isn’t needed if your keeping just cherry shrimps or neocardinias since they are very forgiving in many types of water

  2. Feeling disheartened by these comments. This is the 5th or 6th time I’ve attempted a tank and each time I spend more and more but I still don’t feel I’m doing things right and everything proceeds to die. What else do I need to buy? I’ve spent about $200 or so not including the tank since I already had it, I may as well continue.

  3. That little mushroom decor I don’t recommend as well. I work at a store that sells those and in the past they’ve been used in our tanks. They flake apart and crumble and you dont want the fish eating the pieces

  4. neon tetra’s aren’t hardy fish and are going to die during the cycle process.

  5. I see you have the API Quick Start, this will provide the nitrifying bacteria. Your tetras should be fine and you are starting off small. Keep up your testing daily so you can get wind of any changes early enough to get ahead of it.

    Don’t listen to these guys after spending all that money, stick to your research and if it doesn’t work out them you can update your notes accordingly. I do think it will work out.

  6. How many gallons is that? Even with a properly cycled tank it could be too small for tetras

  7. Have fun in your shrimp endeavour! Everyone is so negative jeez! I chucked my tetras in a new tank with quick start they all just fine! Just use inert substrate with neocaridina shrimp you will be fine.
    I have also started a cherry shrimp colony in a completely new tank uncycled but with inert substrate.
    Active substrate (soil) will need cycling (leeching ammonia)

    Drip acclimatize your shrimps before.

    Do not get into caridina shrimp if you’re a beginner most likely you will probably be only wasting dollars.

  8. Hello everyone. At my water test last night when I stopped at home to check on them, I got a level of 0 to .25 for ammonia, 0 for nitrites, and between 20 and 40 for nitrates. Looking at my research this appears to be a good sign. My water looks like it has evaporated out a little bit. Should I change the water today or should I top it off? Also, my temp is lower than it should be (my heater busted) so should I monitor or go ahead and get a heater? My apartment is left with no AC right now until I go check on them so they should be between 75 and 80 today.

  9. White cloud minnows are bomb proof

  10. I got 2 skirt tetras and one mystery snail last week to add to my tanks are already cycled. But my local petsmart has a 14 day guarantee if they die for any reason. They told me I can bring them the dead fish and they will replace or refund. My fish are doing great:) but still good to know instead of just throwing them away..if they don’t make it.
    I think you’re doing great tho!! Just change out water when levels get too high. I had to do it daily for 2 weeks on one of my tanks. I was still learning.. It was a 10 gallon, it was cycled with all live plants but was overstocked 4 glofish tetras and 4 glo danios and 4 cory and then some plants started to die, everything started going wrong. But all my fish made it through!! I learned alot with that tank! but I think that’s why most of us have many tanks! Lol. You learn alot and want to do it again!! But better, or atleast not so stressful! I now have 3 tanks! I love the live aquarium plants! Went to my mom’s and with her permission lol got some cuttings of pothos, some with roots some without. Gotta experiment! Lol. And they have been thriving 🌱to 🌿 just hanging out at the top, just the stem/roots in the water. They must be absorbing so much of the extra nutrients in the tank. The danios love swimming through the roots too!
    One more thing!..Did you get a sponge filter? And air pump?
    I have found that it keeps the tank cleaner, more spots for good bacteria and good for shrimp too! (I found mine on Amazon, way better priced compared to petsmart too!) Alot of supplies with same or next day delivery 😉 I think I’ve seen neocaridina shrimp for sale on there too!

  11. And heres me just dumping shrimp in my turtle tank

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