Replace on my low tec 20G bamboo forest. Added fish, shrimp and snails and naturally extra crops. Particulars and hyperlink to…

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  1. Hello everybody, happy holidays and thank you for your interest and many useful comments and suggestions at my first post!

    In the last few weeks I let the tank cycle and then added a group of 12 least killifish Het. Formosa (was lucky to get 8w and 4m), 15 Neocaridina shrimp in different colours and 4 ramshorn snails (blue and yellow). I added some plants, mostly Tang and moss and some Limnophila Sessiliflora through marketplace. Got some scuds and bladder snails with it but don’t really care, maybe some of them get eaten? The fish are doing great, already got some fry and am really happy about it! Do y’all have any further suggestions?
    Next bigger tank (a little over 100G) is already planned!

  2. I aspire to have a tank like this. Love it.

  3. Love the least killifish. I’m lucky enough to have a ditch in my backyard where I can scoop them up

  4. Love the tank idea! Very different. I know people hate on lucky bamboo, skittles tanks, and pest snails but I loooove them! I do not have lucky bamboo in my tanks (have to have lids with cats) but I have the other two and really can’t wait for wild type shrimp!

  5. This is beautiful, really love the bamboo!

  6. Love the emergent bamboo! Have been wanting to do a beta or southeast Asian tank like this! Nice work

  7. I would love something like this but I’ve always seen told that anything growing above the water line and near the edge of the tank is a danger to the snails, is that not the case here?

  8. This setup looks amazing. There’s a lot going on but not too much as to ruin anything. Love the variety and layout and I have to commend you on how well your bamboo stands up straight.

  9. beautiful !

  10. I have no room for an actual tank anymore but I like this. Maybe I will get a 3 gallon design something like this and just not put any fish in it

  11. Beautifully done.

  12. That’s gorgeous!!!

  13. Is this lucky bamboo? I posted on here a few hrs ago about bamboo melt and the consensus was that bamboo can’t be planted partially submerged. Though your partial submersion looks more like at least half of the plant is above water whereas for me only some leaves poked out the top

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