1. If water parameters are all good then there’s nothing to worry about. Maybe they’re just stretching their legs after being stucked in a plastic bag. Female that recently gave birth could have molted and playing catch me if you can with the males.

    Or your ammonia/nitrite/nitrate are high and the shrimps are freaking out.

  2. Hard to tell for sure without knowing your water parameters. That being said they usually take a few days to “settle” in.

  3. When I first got mine, they were super active…. then they calmed down…. now my tanks got loads of them.

    As long as the parameters are good then it’s all fine… probably exploring and needed the swim because of being cramped in a bag.

    On long drives I feel like them too 🤣🤣🤣 I just wannt stretch everything

  4. Yeah.. I got mine from r/dakuaquatics and they’re very active swimmers. Way more than I thought. If you get them floating plants theyll swim up to it and perch themselves upside down

  5. I see them being active as a good sign for me , those that huddle in the corner usually dont make it

  6. They could be exploring. They could be chasing after a freshly molted female. They could be freaking out about water parameters too. It’s not easy to say just from watching them.

    Whenever I’ve added new shrimp to a tank, I’d drip acclimate them and then try to get their acclimated water to match the tank temperature before adding them to the tank. I always turn off the light for the first day too. Not sure if the light makes any difference but I’ve always thought it would help them feel safer if they’re not illuminated.

    Regardless, you’ll know if everything was fine or not when you start finding either molts or dead shrimp in the tank lol

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