1. Ammonia? Strips are inaccurate and don’t ever have ammonia.

  2. What species of shrimp do you have? Is the tank cycled?

  3. gh/kh/ph? pic of what your shrimp look like when they die?

    edit: get a liquid test kit

  4. I dont do in traditonal way, not sure if people will like this thou.

    I have placed couple buckets(20 gal may be) of water in the backyard and fill them with water. And keep replacing with tap water as i take few gallons for my tanks. After like a week are two water is ready. Sure it will have leaves and other debries to clean a bit. I never used any primer or anything else. Not even a single death in my 20+ fish tank and my shrimp/fish tank which now has 200+ shrimp.

    Also, I clean the tank only if it is dirty, and reuse the same water after the dirt settles in my cleaning tank.

    Note that my tank now has a lot of moss and good algae. Also, I use my tanks as propagation station for plants alike pothos. I think these plants are controlling ammonia and nitrates.

    Initally like 18months ago i tried with primer and other stuff, but none of my fish/shrimp survived because of chlorine, ammonia etc from the tap.

  5. It could be too much copper, my well water has way too much killing shrimp almost instantly and even the water from my rodi (15-20 tds) adds up over time which slowly kills off shrimp. Doing water changes with remineralized distilled water could help.

  6. Thank you! I’ll definitely go grab one after work this afternoon. I do a weekly water change of 25%, but maybe that’s too much? I just take some off the top and drip it back in. Hopefully I can get it sorted tonight to keep these last two guys going.

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