Recommendation on including cO2 with out gassing my shrimp?

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  1. i suggest watching Dennis Wong’s video on co2. it explains pretty much all you need to know about the relationship of co2 and water chemistry, which is important. One thing i found helpful was the relationship between co2 buildup and proper filtration/surface agitation. Without good surface agitation co2 may build up unpredictably. For example bio film may inhibit o2 exchange and hold co2 in your aquarium undesirably!

    Dennis Wong used to be active on this sub, you may be able to find some of his older posts on here!

  2. my shrimp never bother about co2, even when drop checker goes yellow. imo it doesn’t seem necessary to slowly add co2 because it will take time to bring whole tank’s co2 level higher (maybe someone can elaborate).
    i really like having drop checkers because even though they’re bit delayed i can always see if it’s too much or too little. u will also easily see if ur shrimps aren’t comfortable as they will likely start climbing that wood to try and breathe, they won’t just fall dead right away

  3. Shrimp are hardier than fishes when it comes to co2. I had half my tank wiped out when I had a CO2 disaster and surprisingly none of my shrimp died. Drop checker was totally yellow and they kept grazing as if nothing has happened .
    Start with 1 bubble per sec and monitor your drop checker for the day. If it turns green, well and good. If not, the next day, go for 2 bubbles per sec and monitor for the day again. Keep doing this daily incrementing by 1 bubble, until you see your drop checker turn lime green. That’s when you need to stop. That’s the sweet spot where CO2 is at 20-30 ppm and enough for plants and comfortable for your fauna.

  4. I added CO2 to my shrimp tank about a year ago and they seemed unaffected by it. To ease your mind, you could also add air at the same time- set up an air stone or bubble filter that is mixing oxygen from the air in as well.

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