New Shrimp tank with carpet plant

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  1. You’re going to get roasted for the seeds. However, watch the video below. He’s a PhD researcher whose been studying this whole hobby for many years.

    Not saying everyone is wrong but just want to add more information to this seed conversation.

  2. Not sure about the shrimp but in case you don’t know most aquatic plant seeds are a scam and will not survive long term in aquariums, which will be problematic in the future

  3. that tank is to small for a kuli loach an articulated hillstream and a lot of have at very least 5 gallon for that…also you need probably feed the fish too which makes it extra difficult in that volume….risk of tank crash is extremely high.

    after readign your other comment 3 hillstream and 3 khuli that tank is way too smal…
    not under 10 gallon.
    also have you cycled the tank!?
    didnt read like you did

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