New shrimp proprietor. Sorta perceive primary care as in calcium and what not. Simply would love extra recommendation. Dose my molt look…

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  1. I haven’t heard of people assessing the quality of the molts before, but I suppose it looks good

    Honestly as long as your KH/GH (as well as TDS) values are in the accepted range you’re usually good.

  2. Honestly just test your gh. Main thing that matters is that the shrimp molted properly which is very good

  3. I believe my rocks are leaching calcium in the water as i know i have chert and a few unidentified rocks. I added small piece of egg shell for calcium supplements. Just wanted more advice they seem healthy to me and i see them every so often and they dont seem to really care to eat their own molt so must not need the extra nutrients? My tanks full of plants algae and leafs. Just any general info would help so i can be sure everything dose well and possibly expand my colony! I really haven’t cleaned anything in over a year i let my tank do it’s thing besides wiping down the glass in preparation for these guys.

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