1. [i liked your shrimp, so i drew her](https://imgur.com/gallery/98cHs4Y)

  2. My eyesight is dirt poor but if that’s an amano shrimp, then the eggs won’t hatch lil baby shrimp. If not, then the other fish may eat the babies, but with a large enough tank with enough hiding places, some may survive. If you have enough shrimp, it’s likely they may reproduce quite a lot and the few young that survive will be enough to grow the population and then will breed more so on and so forth.

  3. You’re fine. If the babies survive at all they’re really a non-issue. You can leave her as-is.

    Edit: Also, that’s not an amano shrimp, it’s a ghost shrimp. The shrimp may hatch and survive.

  4. U is…. pregante?!

  5. That’s an Amano shrimp. Congrats they are pretty hard to breed. She will carry these eggs for 3-5 weeks, but if you want to raise them, you need to set up a separate aquarium (like a gallon is fine, you can use a bucket or something with an air stone) and raise them in saltwater.

  6. You will be fine, If your tank is densely populated with plants, then the babies will have places to hide. If not, then throw some guppygrass or foxtail in there.

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