1. First I would like to say I’m really sorry about your tank, I would be devastated. I was thinking, and I wonder if you had your air pumps running? Like during the “bombing”, I know the tanks were covered, but it would be extremely difficult to prevent the air pumps from pumping that into the tank unfortunately.

  2. Hey this happened to me!

    It’s not the end of the hobby if you don’t want it to be and your water will be safe for shrimp in just a month or so.

    What you can do next time is glad wrap the tank while its being bombed and also have activated Charcoal ready to dump into the water if you see signs of struggle. Apparently the Charcoal has saved someone else when their colony’s were Choking to death from cat hair that was washed with a flea treatment, so im assuming it’d work with bombs.

    Or you could try set up a plastic bucket colony to move around if you know you’re bombing in advance.

    Mate, don’t stop shrimp keeping. This has happened once, we can try find solutions to help us and the shrimps for next time mate. 🙂

    Can’t emphasise enough – I know how traumatic it is to clean up shrimp colony’s decimated by a bug bomb. But it does get better with time mate.

  3. Poison* 🫠🥲

  4. Goddamn that sucks, I’d be pretty upset

  5. I’m sorry for your shrimpy loss 🙁

  6. Oh hun. That’s terrible. So sorry for your loss!

  7. So sorry for your loss. How long did you have them?

  8. if you didnt giver your tanks with multiple layers of plastic wrap and tape you made a huge mistake all I can say is lesson learnt. sorry

  9. Noooooooooo. Im so sorry 🙁 I live with 3 dogs and they are all treated with flea/tick meds. As such the aquarium/shrimp room is a NO-DOG room. Ive heard even one loose hair dropping into a tank can be a death sentence.

  10. The first time is always a good lesson learnt for life. Wipe away the tears and start fresh anew.. Get back into the hobby. This time as more experienced.

  11. They make garlic pills for prevention, and basically everything hates tea tree oil and… I forget the other. Just look up natural ways to get rid of bed bugs. That shit runs off every bug.

  12. That substrate looks toxic

  13. I’d be devastated, so sorry!!

  14. It looks like the Somme in there

  15. Oh nooo! Sorry for your loss. :’(

  16. Im so sorry for your loss

  17. Nice eyes. Sorry about your shrimpies, sometimes stuff just happens but I hope you can get them going again

  18. Sorry for the loss, that’s really rough.

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