My orange shrimp had infants! I am presently trying up what to feed them, any solutions?

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  1. I have a tank full of guppies and shrimp. This is how I make sure all the shrimp and fry get fed. Mix up some powdered food, this is my recipe:

    1 tbs pure organic spirulina powder

    1 tsp finely ground fish flake (I use a mortar and pestle)

    1 tsp finely ground freeze dried bloodworms

    1 tsp decapsulated brine shrimp eggs

    1/4 tsp organic calcium carbonate powder

    What I do to keep the adult piggies from hoovering it all up is mix a little powder with tank water and dump it into the center of a thick tuft of guppy grass. You’ll cloud for a little bit but oh it makes the shrimps happy.

  2. [Go down to #5]( Can be available at your LFS

  3. Nothing. They feed almost exclusively on biofilm that naturally occurs in your tank.

  4. My babies love spirulina powder, bacter ae, or bees pollen powder

  5. Congratulations on becoming a grandma!

  6. They eat the same things as adults do, mostly biofilm and microorganisms so just feed the tank as normal.

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