1. Fill up the tank!

  2. Well cycled tank with biofilm. Stable ideal parameters (right Gh, pH, kH).

    There’s a lot of green which the shrimp will love.

    This is a learning experience that sometimes you’ll just have to learn from. Have fun and try not to empty your bank account xD.

  3. That is a very well planted tank

  4. Fill the blank fully, also the filter look buried benoemd rocks to hide is. It will clog faster and will be a pain to clean. I’d suggest putting it in normally ben tho it looks a bit worse.
    Tank size looks good, planting is great, filter choice is great. GL

    Some tips, feeding frozen daphnia gives calcium, they love pervs carrot cucumber and all those thing. Mine also go crazy for bloodworms

  5. Looks really good for a beginner tank, but like others have said, you should probably fill it up a little more with water if possible.

  6. Why don’t you plant your plants in the substrate? The bottom parts might rot in your current setup as no light and too close to each other.

  7. why is the carpet separated from the rest of the substrate? did something happen?

  8. Spill it. You are Not a beginner . Spill the beans

  9. Nice

  10. Looks great 👍, we’ll done

  11. Hello

    May I ask why you keep your water level so low?

  12. bagus bro, wkwk cycle dlu aja sampe 1 bulan klo mau aman. Masukin keong jg bkin cycle lebih cpet hrusny klo lu dah gk sabar wkwk

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