In wants of a tiny heater for my small shrimp tank. Does anybody have any strategies?

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  1. You can typically find on Amazon small heaters for nano tanks, like five gallon heater 3 gallon etc, I’ve had a couple different ones and they worked well, only complaint is no temperature control, but that’s about it. Can’t remember the brands but I would just google it and you should find plenty

  2. Buce plants sells a [micro heater]( that you can probably find elsewhere on the internet.

    (non affiliate link, just what I use for my 4g shrimp tank)

  3. How cold is the room? Shrimp tanks don’t normally need a heater since they don’t really like warmer temps. Anything over like 72 isn’t really needed unless you want to encourage breeding. Higher temps also shorten their lifespan.

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