I’m 2 days new to making an attempt to cycle my aquarium I put a lifeless shrimp in it a eco stone and a plant and now I’ve this foam…

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  1. Do nothing, thats a normal part of the cycling process

  2. You could always Introduce live bacteria to kick start the nitrogen cycle, get some api quick start or Fritz zyme 7. Also just watch some YouTube videos on getting started theirs tons out there.

  3. I’d fill that bitch up to the black rim. Other than that it’s a waiting game

  4. Why doesn’t anyone top off their tanks?

  5. Thank you for the advice !

  6. Normal when using dead shrimp. It gets pretty bad, and potentially even super smelly, before it can get anywhere good.

  7. Curious about the bubbles at the top, how’d those get there? Not soap I hope, and I assume no betta making bubble nests in there either?

  8. Add water. Not going to help cycle but you look a few gallons light. Hate for you to cycle 80% of your water.

  9. off topic but you should fill up your tank all the way at first i wasn’t it just gives any fish you choose more room to swim around in and it is more water volume

  10. A… A dead shrimp?

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