I need assistance please. My shrimp tank was thriving for the longest time. Just lately a banana plant that was in my tank was…

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  1. White ring of death from lack of calcium in their diet and water column, so they can’t fully molt , resulting In them getting trapped in their shell to die. Your pH is dangerously low for housing shrimp. Add some crushed coral or cuttlebone to raise your pH.

  2. Some of my shrimp have white speckled dots on the bottom of them that are still alive, some have tainted green eyes I’m noticing, could it be a disease possible?

  3. I’ve lost 5 shrimp that last couple of days, today I woke up to see i lost another 8 of them, this one was like turning purple in the picture. I started using PH buffer in hope to get the tank ph higher. There all mid age shrimp for the most part, and they all started shedding and dying.

  4. Ph is harder to shift if calcium levels are higher. A higher calcium level acts as a buffer for Ph. A great way to keep higher calcium levels in an aquarium is to use tourmaline balls that slowly release calcium into the water.

  5. get some crushed coral (for ph) and invertebrate pellets (for calcium) asap. I think baking soda can raise ph, but I’d research it first, and I wouldn’t use much because shocking somethings water parameters is more dangerous than the low ph.

  6. Then bring up your ph with ph up. Use Seachem Prime to convert all the nitrites and nitrates. Are you replacing your carbon frequently? And like the others have said, put some crushed shell in there for calcium

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