I get a 8 gallon shrimp tank if i put 3 dwarf corries in would they thrive with the shrimp?

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  1. Cories should be in groups of at least six. A 8 gallon tank would be too small for a proper group. Instead you could put 3 asian stone catfish which aren’t as active as cories. They get along with adult shrimp but may occasionally eat baby shrimp.

  2. They would not thrive 🙁

    Sorry friend but these guys do better in larger groups, and 8 gallons (unless it’s a shallow/long tank) is not enough active space, and then you start to struggle with water chemistry when you get enough cories for their social needs to be met.

  3. They compete with shrimp. I use shrimp to clean instead of Corys.

  4. If it’s more long than tall and heavily planted you can probably do it.

  5. Not ideal. They need bigger groups and 8 gallons is likely too small anyway.

  6. You could put 6 to 8 pigmy cories

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