I gained this discount of a 200L tank and the purpose is to make it a planted tank, shrimp, snail and small fish haven. I’ve…

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  1. get a sponge to cover the filter intake and you won’t have that problem!

  2. I’d like to establish it as planted before adding live stock, but I am a complete beginner. Any good advice? Any links to websites for newbie planted tanks?

  3. Think about what sort of fish u want and then choose a substrate- there is so many around, i personally prefer Eco Complete as it is easier to keep plants down despite being an inert substance.

    Then decide on whether you want to inject CO2 and shop for plants- for a beginner crypts and anubias are nice and easy plants (Pets@Home etc) and this is when u need to read a lot about what plants u like and their requirements. Some plants ‘melt’ in the initial stages so don’t be shocked.

    Next is cycling the aquarium and then it will be ready for livestock. It is a great hobby, invest some time for research in the beginning as it will make it much easier long term. Good luck.

  4. Did you pay for shipping? Else that person just paid you to take their tank xD

  5. I recommend buying plants from Dustin’s fish tanks, they just had a Black Friday sale so they’re out of a lot of plants but usually they have a good selection of plants and they always arrive in good condition

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