1. That thing looks like something that needs live prey. Try feeding it guppy fry, daphnia, scuds, snails, or shrimp.

    Edit: Worms and tadpoles too. Homeboy needs food with some life in it.

  2. That was quite the tantrum. “Get away from me!”

  3. These bugs are obligate carnivores, they will not eat dead prey. They are also ambush and sight predators. Having kept these before, i would suggest using smaller prey like guppies and the like. Now I have seen on occasion one eat a snail, though that said I am not sure if that would work as a primary food source or just the case of either starvation and needed a meal. Or, if that was a case of the water scorpion actually hunting it. Still these guys are pretty cool to watch.

  4. Live aquarium wood. Forget spending a whole bunch of money on spider wood, just get a bunch of these guys and watch your tank come to life!

  5. Live prey. Throw a night crawler or red wriggler in there.

    They’re not scavengers.

  6. Thats a tank full of nope, feed it fire

  7. Maybe get a container of fishing worms? Or small feeder fish

  8. I honestly don’t even know what that thing is so I’m no help and Ngl it kinda scares me

  9. I had one for a bit to film it hunting. Itll go for red cherry shrimp quite happily but they hunt tadpoles and things that size in the wild

  10. That guy wants live adult guppies… I’ve caught several accidentally and found them eating guppies in the bucket when I got home. If you caught it you’d probably be able to catch some fish for it.

  11. You could also feed it crickets. Those are very easy to get from a local pet supply store.

  12. If you got that guy from outside, go get your food from there too!!

    I have a tank stocked with fish and a crayfish from the creek, and most of what i feed comes from that very same creek, or just from the ground outside.

    Tadpoles should also be easily available around this time alongside aquatic insects and larvae. They seem to be ambush predators so they need something that’ll move and dance for them. My mottled sculpin is the very same way.

    Just don’t take too much from a single place at a single time!

  13. How are you keeping it in your tank? You know these guys can fly, right?

  14. Worms or flies. I used to do that, If the fly moves enough on the surface he will pick it up

  15. Get some smaller tadpoles and very small fish. These are true predators, they don’t want dead food. I think daphnia and scuds will be too small.

  16. Yall just be keeping anything 😭

  17. Try algae, half cooker cucumber

  18. Don’t they have a proboscis? So they need fleshy things with body parts they can suck out of them.

  19. I’m very happy with the fresh delica line from tetra, it’s available in all sorts of flavours: chironomus red and white, daphnia, shrimp etc.
    You can buy a lot of food without worring it spoils because is in a gel format that lasts years 🙂
    If you have other aquariums you can buy all the flavours and test without fear.
    Let me know, and for all other questions I’m here to help!

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