How do I take care of a pregnant shrimp and her infants?

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  1. Play classical music so the shrimplets come out smarter

  2. Just leave them. The only thing you can do is make sure that there are plenty of hiding places like moss and other plants.

    It’s best to have a few more shrimp. Around 10 is the minimum for a starter group. They thrive better in group.

  3. There’s really not much to do. Looks like you have plenty of plants and rocks in your tank. They’ll just eat the stuff off those

  4. If you’re using an impeller filter, might want to consider putting a foam cover over the intake or the shrimplets might get sucked in and killed.

  5. Glas Garten Shrimp Baby powdered food.

  6. Nothing to do, roll up a joint and enjoy the view. Shrimp are best in large colonies, 20+ starting population to account for die off

  7. I have a very well established tank with lots of algae and plants and such with a sponge filter so when my crystal shrimp had baby’s they had infinite food. Roughly 15-20 are alive

  8. Let ’em do their thing! I started off with 10ish in my 68 gal, now there’s somewhere between 50-100 (and probably another 20-30 in the canister filter).

  9. Make sure she goes to all her prenatal visits and watch out for preeclampsia!!

  10. Java moss and Indian almond leaves

  11. Give them the same care you gave when you “bred them.” Do absolutely nothing.

  12. One person mentioned it but the biggest killer will most likely be your filter. Cover the intake with very fine mesh and check that flow isn’t restricted too much.

  13. Prepare a baby shower!

  14. I overfeed to get algae but it seems you’re already good there 😀
    Sponge on all filter intakes, no predatory fish and lots of hiding place and they’ll make it

  15. Here’s the neat part. You don’t. Act like they don’t exist.

  16. Shrimp do much better in groups, make sure you have a sponge filter or some type of fry safe filter. A HOB filter could easily suck them in through the intake, killing them

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