1. A female is ready to mate and the males are going nuts

  2. waterchange reminds them of mating time so they are hunting for mates.

  3. your tank is gorgeous. have any other pictures? the rock, red plant, and blue fish/shrimp are incredible.


    What is the plant? Are you running CO2?

  4. Someone’s molt is bringing all the boys to the yard.

  5. “Your shrimp is looking for a girlfriend cause he’s in luuuuvvvvv”

  6. Looks normal to me. Rather happy actually. Hormones hormones hormones.

  7. I see nothing to cause alarm or even mild concern. No more that your fish swimming would.

  8. What are those mesh things around the rims? To help shrimps escape? 🙂

  9. Water needs changing, this is the same way my shrimps alert me. How do I know? Last time it happened and didn’t do a water change some shrimps died, lol

  10. What kinda background is that? Fluval flex tank?

  11. Side question but are those green tetras? They’re beautiful! I’ve only got gold cardinals at the moment

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