First tank, 15 Liters / 4 gallon, biking for 3 weeks and rising in properly. Nonetheless deciding what sort of shrimp and…

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  1. The idea was to create a vertical landscape for the little critters to go up and down in and make it a bit of a jungle (make it look like a Victorian terrarium kinda). The floating plants are showing new growth, and I think that basically everything acclimated pretty well. There are some botanicals in there that gave the tank a really dirty color but water changes cleaned that up.

    Basically everything is second hand, as you can see the glass is a bit dirty even though I did my best to clean it up. AFAIK 3 snails already call this tank home, they came with the plants and are very cute.

    I would like to stock it with some smaller shrimp and some nice looking snails. Don’t want to put a fish in this, since it is pretty small. Though I do have my eye on a Betta eventually if this works out and I can take care of an aquarium.

    The newspapers are just because I thought it was leaking, turns out it wasn’t I just spilled some water with the water change.

  2. I really like the little hex. Know this! A ten gallon would be easier to care for as the little tanks have the least room for error. My first tank was a five my second a 20 long, I speak from experience. 10 is cheap, and more tolerant of user error if you decide the nano is problem prone or overly needy.

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