Faculty Analysis – Are you a Fish, Shrimp or Crops particular person.

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  1. Fish and plants, so far no shrimp.

  2. I work in a fish store, literally every single person will answer C. You may consider rephrasing the question, as perhaps asking which they would keep if they could only choose 1. Good luck and thanks for doing research!

  3. E. African dwarf frogs person

  4. A better way to do this could be something like

    “Upvote this comment if A.”

    “Upvote this comment if B”

    Etc, etc

  5. Snails!

    But C if I have to choose one of the options

  6. C but I struggle with shrimp

  7. Plants if i could only choose one but C out of those

  8. I have fish and plants but no shrimp

  9. D only plants shrimps snails and occasionally triops no fish

  10. I guess C. But don’t have shrimp yet.
    Fish and plants. And snails lol

  11. C, I own many species of fish but i also breed shrimp in fully scaped tanks!

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