1. What is the weight capacity on that, per rack, and total

  2. How much wood working skills do you have also what does your gf think is attractive.
    BUT here’s my advice use this as an opportunity to go bigger. I built a divided 20 long into a 3 chamber breeder. You could easily make a wooden bookshelf that can house 2 of them (40 gallons of shrimp) and still have room for books /nick nacks.

    Think what you could do with a 20 long with 2 chambers and a 20 long with 3 chambers 5 zones in 2 tanks…

    I use wire rack shelves with 250lb capacity. My partner likes the industrial look

  3. “Too much like a science lab” so the girlfriend has no taste, got it. Try some kind of covering like mini tablecloths?

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