Discovered this in my shrimp tank. Is it a parasite?

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  1. Looks like hydra

  2. Hail hydra

  3. hydra. They usually come in on plants but only get out of control if you overfeed. They multiply if you try to remove them physically because whatever breaks off you don’t remove from the tank will regrow into more hydra. There’s water treatments for them but not all are safe for shrimp/snails.

  4. Yup, hydra. It will kill your shrimp if it catches it. Needs to be taken care of. Youtube is your friend.

  5. agree with u/drifty-moo. what are you feeding your critters? one of my tanks that has neos, i also have some fish that I feed brine shrimp to. when hyrdas appear, i just cut out the brine and they’ll usually die off within a week or so. They’re not particularly harmful to adult shrimp. Could be for the newly hatched shrimp, but not terribly.

  6. no-planaria will wipe these guys out

  7. Hail hydra!… *Nuke That MotherF***er*

  8. Gotta get some dog dewormer pancure-c I think?

  9. Hydra. There’s options out there to fix it. The simple solution is using a product called “No Planaria”. I recommend using a half dose of the bottle recommended amount.

    The cheap, oh shit I need to fix this right now, solution is a product called Safeguard. It is a dog dewormer. You can get it at most/many pet stores. The active ingredient is the same as No Planaria. It’s just in powdered form. It’s called Fenbendazole. It’s shrimp safe in low concentration. Even snail safe too… kinda. The physical amount of powder you need from this is very, very small. I only recommend this if you have precision measuring tools. For my 2 gallon tank, I dosed something like .01grains of Safeguard. A super small amount. But it took care of the hydra in no time, though.

  10. Step one, get an underwater welding tool, step two, burn it, step 3, clean up the glass shards and mop the water, and there you have it 👍🏻

  11. Dog dewormer works great for these. It’s something like 1/10 gram per 10 gallons. Shrimp and snail safe

  12. Check the other posts for this. It’s a common thing people talk about

  13. That’s…hydra..

  14. Better call Captain America!

  15. Looks like Hydra to me

  16. Have had these in both a shrimp and betta tanks, they breed/replicate like crazy and there will be hundreds in no time. Luckily, no planaria at the prescribed does worked a treat. Make sure to add an air stone as it can lower O2 levels, and remove any snails. Even after you do the final water change don’t put snails back for at least 4-6 weeks or several 10% changes, they will be affected.

  17. Hydra. Look into fenbendazole treatment.

  18. Hydraaaaaaaaa! Don’t slice! They multiply!

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