1. this is so me when i cant find one of my snails i will sit and search till i find it and i’ll sit for hours when i forget my meds😭😭

  2. I have nothing to contribute to this thread other than I was so hooked on this story. You should write as a career if you don’t already.

  3. Just realised for one of the pictures, there’s a big Pikachu looming at the background. That’s kinda funny

  4. Just chilling in the shrimp dimension. Anywhere they can break line of sight is a potential portal. Had a couple snails hijack into there over the years.

  5. I mean, I have no idea, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I think we might have a similar internal monologue so it was kind of like reading my own diary – just with much better and more eloquent writing.

    If it helps one of my Amano shrimp disappeared for MONTHS. I was convinced he was dead. I only ever saw the two girls (Ketchup and Mayonnaise) and one boy (Bill and/or Will – like Bill and Will the Krill). Then just one day, I had four shrimp again. Just poof, there he was. And we all know they didn’t make a new one because they’re Amanos, unless this guy defied all laws of nature, but I doubt it.

    But I am one for the magical dimension theory. My cat seems to do it (look everywhere for him, start freaking out, then he’s suddenly RIGHT THERE), so why not shrimp?

  6. You would be shocked at how fast a few shrimp and snails can reduce a corpse to undetectable dust.

  7. I have a single amano shrimp in my tank alongside my ghost and neos. She’s massive compared to even my adult female ghost (my ghosts voraciously consume only dead, but not live tiny, snails when available??? Is this normal for them, what species does this?).

    Anyway, I only have a 5 gal, and she’s kinda too big to hide. And yet, bam, gone. I always fear she finally died to a pH change since I feel like keeping her alongside neos shouldn’t be quite possible (she’s a rescue, so I had to find a place for her suddenly, and she’s been happy for a couple weeks now). But nope, suddenly she’s on my filter again, happy as a clam.

    Also, fun fact, if you keep an all-ghost tank, I found that their biofilm-picking behavior and activity levels only really started one there were neos in there, as if they were mimicking.

  8. Assassin snails do occasionally eat shrimp

  9. Got me looking for him in there too now 👀

  10. This happens w my 2 blue shrimp. I will look forever and be like “yep they are dead” and then the next day they make an appearance

  11. I have a pretty heavily planted 7-gallon cube tank with three nerite snails and 13 blue velvet shrimp, and most of the time I can’t find more than a few of the shrimp. I thought one of them was dead / gone for weeks and then it showed up chilling on a leaf, mocking me nomming on some algae. The idea that you can find all of them, ever, is astounding to me.

  12. Assassin’s can kill shrimp, especially if you have that many in a small container.

    Bladder snails only reproduce when there is enough food and help balance everything out. Reduce food and you won’t see as many, and you can manually remove.

    If you really want to get rid of them fast, betel nut extract (no planeria, planeria zero) will kill snails.

    Detritus worms are beneficial by breaking stuff down, and look like tiny earth worms. Planaria are bad tend to go on the glass and flat with shovel shaped heads.

  13. Holy shit are you an INTJ

    Also your assassin snail can murder them

  14. I would recommend removing the assassin snails they can eat shrimp and fish if they run out of food, unfortunately same for the ghost

  15. Maybe he’s hiding somewhere. I also have to say that they get eaten very fast by the other shrimps when they die. One day I came home from work to see one of the adult neos eat a small deceased one. They would never eat one thats alive though.

    Beautiful aquarium by the way and congratulations to baby momma

  16. All I have to say is that as I read this I’m sitting in front of my desktop 5 Gal, counting ghost shrimp, having not yet taken meds.

  17. Ghost shrimp are aggressive so it could be eating your cherry shrimp.

  18. Man I have no idea, I had like 30 shrimp but didn’t know what I was doing, also 2463564562546 ramshorn and bladder snails in a heavily planted and scaped 5g, all but 2 or 3 of my original blue dreams vanished, three totally random semi-wild types appeared… and now one of the OG blues is berried, so I guess I’ll see. But I… I never saw any corpses except ONE, one time. Everything else just… vanished.

  19. I have no idea but you are absolutely hilarious and this is my favorite post of all time

  20. I remember the time I only had 5 shrimps now I wouldn’t be able to count them If I tried

  21. Assassin snails will 100% target and kill molting shrimp. Its no mystery, you simply just f’ed up by adding those snails to a small-ish tank with such a low population of shrimp

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