Canister filter choices for shrimp tank?

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  1. A piece of nylon stocking or similar fine-mazed material on the filter intake will do the trick

  2. I think any is fine as long as you put a pre-filter on the inlet, Finnex makes a small one (Finnex PX-150), if the tank isn’t that big, shrimplet would get into it but it’s kid of clear so seeing them was much of a problem to get them out

  3. Maybe someone more shrimp experienced can chime in, but I think a canister filter might move too much water around and stress out your shrimp. Even if you have something restricting the filter inlet I can still picture it pulling in baby shrimp and pinning them to the nylon.

    I have a similar filter for my big tank (not shrimp) and it does pump a lot of water.

  4. Can’t go wrong with a Eheim 2213.

    Put a sponge over the intake, have the output slightly slanted towards the surface of the water, job done.

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