Can somebody inform me what sort of algae that is and the best way to do away with it? I simply received some amano & cherry shrimp to…

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  1. Diatoms. Natural stage in virtually every aquarium. It will clear up on its own with time. Your shrimp will probably eat some of it. Nerite snails are another good invertebrate. Otocinclus will devour this stuff as well, just be aware that they are very sensitive fish in the first few weeks.

  2. Looks like brown algae to me, when you rinse your sand out, sift it through a soup stainer so you get the excess silica out. I have a large one 7”x9” should be inexpensive and available online

  3. From everything I’ve seen, I thought it was brown algae but wanted other opinions. Is there any other way to get rid of it? Besides taking everything apart to sift through the sand?

  4. I had that.. I’m a beginner.. I did vacuum it up and gently cleaned the plants.. be careful not to vacuum up the shrimp.. I added 3 snails.. getting better.. snails and shrimp need some algae

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