Blackworm tradition in shrimp tank?

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  1. Ew, it looks weird! My celestial pearl danios would have a hay day in there. 😂

  2. Mine worked out great. Was a little hard to harvest them but the worms loved the Amazonia.

    I wouldnt worry too much about the bioload.

  3. No clue but that’s dope

  4. It works fine. To harvest you can use a pipette and stir up the gravel in one corner with a squirt of water from the pipette. When the worms are lifted out of the substrate suck them up with the pipette. A smaller squirt of water is better so the worms don’t go all over. You want them to stay floating in that small area because it’s easier to get them with the pipette.

    Alternatively you can scoop some substrate into a small container and use a pipette collect the worms from there. Then put the substrate back in the tank when it’s done.

    The former method is good for collecting a relatively small amount of worms. Like a teaspoon or so. The latter method is better if you’re trying to get larger batches at a time.

    Worms don’t add much to the bioload but you do need to make sure they get food so don’t skimp on the shrimp feeding. This also means you’ll have to change the water more often than you might have planned. I treat my black worm culture like a normal aquarium with regular weekly water changes.

  5. Yes I have blackworm in All my tanks.

  6. wow if only my carpet plants grew as bushy as that lol

  7. You can harvest these with a planaria trap to feed other tanks. In my experience, you will never catch these with a pipette.

  8. I never thought of this I just might try it

  9. The problem with them living in your tank is you’ll never have a truely crystal clear water again because they will keep diging all the debris and mulm.

  10. I feed my culture boiled veggies to keep their numbers and weight up

  11. My dad had a colony of black worms in his crawfish tank.

  12. You’ve heard of carpeting plants, but what if I showed you a carpeting animal? 😎

  13. It works just don’t expect to easy grab them lol Ive had mine like that wth neos with no problems

  14. Oh but why do I like this better then the plants haha I was just looking for worms to put in my tank!

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