1. I’m currently using that brand of soil capped with sand with my blue dreams. Have been for almost a year, so I’m happy to give my experience. I believe it is dropping the PH of my tap water much like fluval statum does. So, in my case I needed to add some crushed coral after I cycled the tank to harden up the water and buffer to a more reasonable 6.8 but it got as low as 6.2. My plants seem to like the nutrients (great reds and happy monte carlo), but I’m dosing liquid ferts at this point to make up for what the soil has lost over time. My neos are happy/healthy and have exploded from an original 12 to a number closer to 50! At the very least, I don’t think the aquasoil is a problem, but I’d prefer to use a pond soil with root tabs in the future to keep my ph a little more neutral as quick swings can be deadly to shrimp.

    As always, you should expect to have some algae as the enriched soil gives off nutrients for the first few months, so start with your lights dimmed or higher above the tank if you can and then work the intensity up once the tank can balance itself out.

  2. I was just at The Wet Spot in Portland and it was recommended for shrimp. They also advised that I mix in some ADA Power Sand. I asked if I should cap it with anything and the lady working there said “no.”

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