1. Shrimp populations *will* self regulate when food availability balances with population. If you’ve a population explosion, there is food available relative to water volume and existing population.

    Don’t worry about feeding them if you’ve live plants and the population will plateau in a timely fashion. They’ll act as a cleanup crew and any food you add intentionally for them should be considered supplemental.

    The overwhelming majority of aquarists wouldn’t consider this a bad thing. A healthy shrimp colony is an incredible boon for any tank.

  2. I wish I had that problem

  3. You have a tank with fish in it? Free snacks

  4. What substrate is that?

  5. Over time the population will control itself. So just keep feeding them whatever you are comfortable with and nature will take care of the rest.

  6. I would buy some off you if you can hit cheap enough, I have native fish too feed. Aussie, guessing you aren’t but hey

  7. I’m having the same issue, they are also eating my vegetation. Everybody says they will self regulate, but after 6 months, i’m not seeing it. I’ve mades posts on r/aquaswap and even sold a few, but it’s honestly not worth it if you’re not setup for this process, there are already vendors selling skittle shrimp for $1 each.

    In the end, I just ended up giving them (a couple hundred) to my LFS. No credit, no cash, although they may have if I asked. I just wanted them to be useful in some way, even if bait; i refuse to cull my herd.

  8. You can post on facebook in your local aquarium group people would love to take them off your hands

  9. Sell them!

  10. Show off 😆

  11. ![gif](giphy|TIdt5o6esGNzdNEsUD)

  12. Add a single fish to that tank.

  13. Free bait. Time to go fishing.

  14. I love this sort of thing. Or just shrimp in general. They are such brainless animals they are adorable. Seeing them just milling around gives me a feeling i cant really describe. Once i put an old piece of wood in a tank and more shrimp than i thought i had came out and chewed on the wood to investigate it. They are great.

  15. I breed yellow, blue and red. When I get poorly colored ones I throw them in the cull tank. When the cull tank gets too full I will sell them if my local shops are interested or feed the ugliest ones to my puffer fish.

  16. I meeeaaaan if you want to ship I’ll take some lol

  17. Shrimp won’t eat your plants if they are alive and well. You will see them pick at decaying plant matter though.

  18. You can’t have too many!

  19. You could always share the love with locals! I’d be happy to re-home a few in my tank if it’s free or fairly cheap 🙂

  20. Let them grow then eat them free dinner!

  21. I wish!

  22. I’ll take some!

  23. I’ll take some. I’ll even buy some. I bought 20 and now only have 3

  24. You can have over 50 to a gallon.

    If anything you obviously need more.

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