As a substitute of doing one thing productive like an fool, I poorly photoshopped footage of shrimp into my empty aquarium….

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Deal Score0

  1. I like the blue better personally

  2. Personally I’d go with blue. The red looks kind of off-putting in such a white tank!

  3. Blue goes better with the cool tones of the tank

  4. Oh I bet some jade green shrimp would look really nice in this setup. Like little moss fairies

  5. I think red because the actual shrimp won’t be all that opaque and really pop with the white.

  6. Blue Diamond! Love that strain and am trying to cull so I can get a solid colony going

  7. This is also an old picture because I couldn’t get one in good lighting atm. I have many water letttuces now and more grass. My fish store has bloody mary shrimp and blue diamonds. My tank is almost cycled but not quite and I’m hoping maybe by the weekend it will be.

  8. I think red look better.

  9. i would suggest the best would be 3 tanks – red blue and yellow

  10. Blueeee or really any mix would be pretty in your tank

  11. Add a little bit of Gaussian blur to each shrimp and it will blend them into the photo better

  12. Photoshop shrimps FTW 😁😂

  13. Tbh red is better in my eyes, not only does it stands out better in the white, it also compliments the warm background, the rocks had yellowish patches.

  14. 🩸👩🏼

  15. I’d go with blue, it has a better mix of males and females, and some are berried. Congrats!!! 🎉🎈🍾🎊

  16. I love that you’re using crystals!

  17. Personally red all the way

  18. I like the blue more – maybe consider blue jelly? :v)

  19. I like the red

  20. blue- the quartz looks like an alien landscape and the blue ones look more otherworldly imo

  21. Blood Mary red for sure

  22. Go with the blue shrimp. They look nicer with the colors.

  23. i always love blue but i’m biased to cooler colors. love the gems!!!

  24. Red stands out in this one, but blue would personally be better as the red would stand out more in the other tank

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