Any expertise with amano shrimp consuming black beard algae? (I don’t wish to use chemical substances for bba) I have already got amanos…

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  1. don’t expect much unless the algae is already dead. if you have a big tank with bigger fish, pick a better algae eater like SAE

  2. If your algae is on hard scape, I found that soaking my hard scape pieces in a hydrogen peroxide mix killed the algae. The nice thing is that it’s not harmful to inverts and any killed algae you don’t scrub off will be eaten faster because it has been softened/broken down

  3. Use hydrogenperoxide. Get a syringe and put hydrogenperoxide in it. Then put this directly in the tank over the BBA. You will notice the BBA getting red in a couple of days and it will die. Hydrogenperoxide 3% is harmless in low concentrations and breaks down into water and oyygen. Do this with your light off (because light breaks hydrogenperoxide faster) and not to close to your filter because it kills benefetial bacteria.

    You also can use liquid carbon this way but that can be harmful for fish and schrimps.

    BBA happens when you have CO2 levels dropping too fast and then increasing again. It also happens on places with much debris in water. After getting the BBA out you must adress the cause of BBA otherwise it will return.

  4. I think it’s pretty hit and miss. I have Amanos that won’t touch BBA and a Siamese Algae Eater that also won’t touch them.

  5. Will otocinclus eat BBA?

  6. Red nose pinochio shrimp will destroy it

  7. Don’t feed them and see if they’ll eat it. I had a Timelapse of them eating algae off of the filter parts.

    Pretty voracious eaters.

  8. if you don’t mind snails, I’ve noticed my ramshorn snails eat BBA happily. my amanos don’t really touch it

  9. My Amanos ignore BBA.

  10. how about some snail’s possibly

  11. They will only eat algae when there is absolutely no decomposing food for them to eat

  12. Oto cat or chain loach.

    Also Mollies destroy bba.

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