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  1. It’s a lot of cyclops sp ! credit to u/Ihavebraindamage2 for being the one to give me the answer originally or I still wouldn’t know.

    A little add on story for those who like to read, and for any one who may be interested in helping crack the secret to building ecosystems.

    Edit after typing : sorry I may seem to go off track and come back in this story, it’s the adhd I went back and tried to make sure it was still understandable. I think I got it right?

    These were one of the first things I seen in my shrimptank after I stopped doing water changes. They clung to the glass just like that and would occasionally zip into the water. But since they were so small and zippy I couldn’t get one to stick to my finger and couldn’t get it in a net to put under a microscope and phone camera wouldn’t focus on them to get a close enough picture for anyone to make out what it was so I never asked at first and never knew, it wasn’t until one came into a picture I was taking of what what turned out to be Plumatella bryozoa (that the same user mentioned above pointed out to be a form freshwater bryozoans,a week later after looking through what felt like hundreds of different kinds I found the name for that specific one.) growing in my tank a few weeks later. This was what turned out to be my first sign to having a developed ecosystem that can control itself, and honestly seeing you post this leans me more towards that theory being true. I stopped doing water changes because I was to worried about sucking up some of my first baby shrimp that were born, and it got its self to a point were I never do and I haven’t seen any death in the tank due to something I couldn’t explain, from that point I started seeing things I never new existed, and things that a guy I became friends with working at my lfs for the past 23years never seen in person, also had some other new thing that just showed up about a week ago and I managed to get a pretty good picture and video of how it moves and looks up close with a macro lens I just got off Amazon early this week. (I’m planning on posting that during the day tomorrow when more people are online here so the post doesn’t get lost down under overnight and I can more likely get an answer.) the best thing I can put together about what it is is that it’s most likely how I see it acting like a hive-mind organism would, it all moves as one , stays on the glass, they contract an entire section of the colony whenever something comes near it, and spans a good 8-12 square inches on pretty much every time I look at it. What I’m meaning to get at that I’d like to see someone else’s experience from this point by letting the tank work on its own with no water changes from a point like this. I can be almost certain from what has happened in 3 of my shrimp tanks so far and just set up a forth and am “expecting” (quotes because already after a week of being set up I can tell a huge difference it the quality of water, all three others before it have about 1-2” of pea gravel, and this one only has just a few hand fulls of some fine imagatarium at the back half of the tank with the front half being bare glass. And it’s already looking I’m going to have to do a wc or possibly even start it completely over.) the same the to happen since I took the same process for setting up all of them. If you would like to try and take the story of what I experienced and and help me put a theory to the test I would love to get a pm with tank updates from you op and anyone else reading this. I’m really trying to believe that I managed to set up 3 one in a million tanks like the guy at my lfs said when I invited him over for some bears and to hang out. He was looking in the tank and telling me “No way this is the same tank you just bought from me a month ago” as he’s looking at the plant I got the week before saying that it looks like it’s grown 3 months in a week.
    He said “ man I don’t know what your doing to get this… I don’t know if you have green thumbs!” He turns and points at the main shrimp tank and says “I have never seen a tank like this, I haven’t heard personally of someone actually having a tank like this. And it’s like every time you come into the store you’re showing me a new picture and asking what something is that I’ve never seen in person, And then to have it done in a month! That’s gotta be unheard of.” Followed by some other things that boosted my head up about it, but still even after all that he said when he finally seen it in person , I almost find the one in a million thing hard to believe. But if all he said was true and you like to help test no wc and only top up theory pm me I’ll let you know everything I do. It might be hard to figure out how to develop a true no need to be touched ecosystem, but if we all have ideas and work together on it, and giving the opportunity to piece together some “data” collections from multiple tanks with different substrates and parameters I’m sure I could figure this out faster and maybe even better.

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