Would it not be a foul thought to repurpose this previous Brita right into a planted shrimp tank? Or is it too small/ impractical?

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  1. I say go for it! I’m all for quirky tanks.

    Put some sponge over that spout, and water changes will be a breeze lol some people even raise brine shrimp in similar set ups.

    Edit: sponge over the spout on the *inside*

  2. If it sounds like a fun project for you, than I’d say go for it. People are too quick to throw old things out when they could be reused in some way.

  3. It certainly should work! Bonus is if you cover the outlet on the inside with plenty of filter floss/sponge, it should prevent clogging, and so the tap can be used to make water changes easier.

  4. Don’t listen to the haters, this sounds fun. I have one of these and might steal this idea tbh…

  5. That’s a sick idea! Make sure to post it once you’ve got it running!

  6. Do it and then post pics. I made a pond from a kitty litter bucket last year, a Britta would be way more suitable

  7. Why is your milk glowing?

  8. I put one next to my fish tank and all my plant clippings I’d dump in there.

  9. I mean it will work but you can buy 2gal shrimp tanks for like $20

  10. Go for it. A guy called MD Fish Tanks made a drink dispenser into a tank.

  11. For some inspiration:


    You should totally do it.

    Edit – this is a full fledged “tank.” Heater, bubble stone, and 4 nerites.

  12. Are you putting in substrate? You’d have to angle the substrate so that it doesn’t cover the spout’s intake so it’d still be useable, not sure if the novelty would be worth it

  13. it would be shrimply adorable

  14. Additional perk: you get unlimited shrimp juice

  15. The smaller the tank the harder it is to maintain parameters.

    You can do it, but it might be hard. Freshwater shrimp are pretty hardy. A bigger tank might be nicer though.

  16. I have a 20 gallon long, I’m just worried my betta will attack the shrimp

  17. I turned one into a snail breeder when I had puffers! It worked great. Used an electric mail file to make a hole in the lid for filter cord. 🙂

  18. Mmmm shrimp water

  19. Fill it with milk first ….. you have milk beside it…. now I wanna see it filled with milk. Anyone who says they’re not thinking the same thing is a LIAR!…… Lololololl

  20. Filter the milk through it

  21. It’s not entirely impractical but it will just be too small

  22. I’d be worried about leaking. I always hear about Brita dispensers eventually leaking.

    But otherwise, it’s a cool idea.

  23. Find a good way to seal up the spout hole and sure!the plastic would scratch pretty easily though.

  24. Dude this is a fantastic idea.

  25. I’d do a snail tank tbh. This seems pretty cool

  26. Nah that would be fine, I’d glue some fine mesh over the spout from the inside if you were planning to use it for water changes though.

  27. Heck yeah~ I love quirky tanks XD

  28. Perfect for shrimps! What a great idea!

  29. Glass of water for you?
    Ice or no ice?
    And, shrimp or no shrimp?

  30. When did we switch from bananas for scale to gallon jugs of milk for scale?

  31. I think it would look great.

  32. There’s someone on r/plantedtank with a similar set up. I say try it.

    I think maybe it was on r/nanotank maybe also?

    I don’t remember

  33. My shrimp willingly live inside my HOB filter for the food. They’ll be fine in there

  34. Awww I want to do a cute little tiny tank

  35. eh i dunno i just think it wouldn’t look good but functionally i don’t see why not

  36. How big is it? I would do opae ulas if it’s under 2.5 gallons!

  37. Unless you’re crazy broke I’d try to find a cooler one, you’ll spend 80$ setting it up to be left with a pretty lookin Brita filter haha, maybe the shape is pretty practical, but I’ve had my eyes on the smaller 2 or 3 gallon long/shallow tanke

  38. I would just buy a tank that shape if that’s what you want. I worry about it leaking

  39. Bruh 10g tanks are like $15 at petco rn

  40. You can find a 10 gallon tank in every garage in America

  41. Put the milk in it.

  42. You could attach a tube to the spigot and have it a few inches under the water line then use it for water changes lol

  43. why is the milk glowing

  44. Scuds would be cool

  45. Watch SerpaDesign videos 🙂

  46. I wouldn’t put shrimp in there, but it’d be a good aquarium to grow plants in, like Rotala.

  47. I want to start one too but have no space, now I know 🙂

  48. Would be a cute terrarium.

  49. Nice idea but I’d be worried about tipping it over by mistake.

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