1. Marked as NSFW just in case.

    But is this a parasite? Do I need to worry about her tank mates??

    Is there a way to save her?

  2. I’d like to know that too, that doesn’t look good. Did you see the worms first or find it in that state?

    I would post this to r/shrimptank.

  3. That does indeed look like a worm. As far as I’ve researched, shrimp commonly carry parasites.

    I always deworm any new fish or shrimp before adding them to my big tanks after an experience with some shrimp like yours in the video.

    I have had really good luck with Fritz Expel-P. It didn’t hurt my shrimp, the shrimplets I didn’t know I had in the tank at the time, or my plants. I did have to vacuum the gravel really well after I used it, but I haven’t had any trouble since then.

    Good luck!

  4. i agree with everyone here, but there is a chance this could be a worm scavenging on a dying shrimp

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