1. Hmmm I got a spare 3 gallon bow front, a cubicle and a lot of shrimp. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. I swear every architecture firm uses the exact same computer/monitor/phone/cubicle 😂😂😂 This could have been one of my previous desks for sure.

  3. Hello fellow architect! 👋

  4. what (and how often) do you feed them?

  5. Nice! What brand/where’d you get the light? Looks perfect

  6. Interesting to see the standards of other offices. Our keynotes are different

  7. How many gallons is this?

  8. Did you cycle it and all? I have an office at my hospice gig and was thinking of setting up an extremely low maintenance rcs mini tank. Got any advice?

  9. What plants do you have in there? They obviously do a good job of filtering the nitrates out.

  10. Come on man!!!

    Horizontal dimensions on plan..

    Vertical dimensions on elevations and sections..

    Nice setup!

  11. fantastic! Do I see a tiny snail? maybe bladder?

  12. I cant be the only one obsessed with your metal kangaroo friend 🦘

  13. You must live near Nashville. The Vandy and Lebanon cancer center plans gave you away lol.

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Keeping Shrimp
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